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Choose your dates for the rental from the Calendar. Payment is easy. We take all major credit cards & your card is charged several days before we ship you your items. You may cancel any time before your rentals are shipped.

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We'll ship to your door or destination. Choose your shipping type at checkout. We'll send you a tracking number for your shipment so you'll know when to expect it.

We also have free local delivery and lockers for pick-up after hours or whenever is convenient for you at our Durango, CO location!

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Put your rental back in the box you received it in and put the prepaid label on it and drop off at your closest ship center. It's that easy.

Use one of our lockers at our Durango location to quickly drop off and return your gear!

Buy it if you like it

If you like your rental, you can buy it. Save on shipping and get a great price on your gear. If you'd like a new one, you may send it back and we'll ship you brand new gear. Either way you'll get a great price on equipment that YOU'VE tried and tested.

Hunting Gear

You scored a sheep tag too? Congrats! Don't have the hunting gear that quite fits the hunt and you can't justify dropping that much on a scope you'll use once? We've got you covered. Rent Hunting Gear with us. Sight it in and have a successful hunt. Then send it back, or buy it if you can't live without it. You're well on your way already to a successful hunt.

Can't decide which rangefinder you want to buy? Do you want the chance to try it in the field and see exactly how well it works. Rent Rangefinders and Spotting Scopes from us and try before you buy. Keep the one you like and send the other's back. Then you'll know exactly what you're getting for the money. Oh yeah! That's money well spent.

Hunting Equipment Rental
Get Inspired - Outdoor Camping

Outdoor Adventure

Ahhh, the Great Outdoors! What's not to love? Except when mother nature really hands it to you and your aren't prepared for her fury. We've got you covered. From tents, to backpacks, hiking poles to gps units. We've got the gear that will help you tackle the terrain and bag that peak. We'll even ship to your location. We take the hassle out of the outdoors (hustle not included.)

Camping Gear

Going camping? Want a tent that doesn't leak, is light weight and won't break the bank? Rent one from us and worry about things like bears or where to do your business. Don't worry about the roof over your head, we've got you covered. We can ship to your destination too. Pack light, worry less and have fun.

Camping Rentals
Digiscoping - Wildlife Viewing


How cool is it that you don't have to climb that mountain to get a sweet shot of that big horned sheep, or climb a tree to take a good picture of a rare bird? Digiscoping has got to be one of the coolest things to come to photography. Impress your friends with photos of animals up close. We've got the equipment to help you capture the moment when on the hunt for wildlife. Bring along our digiscoping kit on your next hunt, safari, or wildlife tour.


Need some great glass so you won't miss the opportunity to spot an elusive feathered friend? Going on a trip and don't want to travel with your spotting scope? We've got you covered. We'll ship to your location. When you're done, just place it back in the box and send it back. No need to travel with your glass and worry about damage when flying. We carry top of the line Swarovski binoculars and spotting scopes. We even carry digiscoping packages so that you can capture the moment with your phone! Enjoy the birds, not the hassle.

Bird Watching


Renting Optics For Your Next Wyoming Hunting Trip

It's HUNTING SEASON! Wyoming provides hunters with wide-open spaces full of  elk, mule deer, mountain goats, bighorn sheep, and other exciting animals. The high country of mountain ranges expands vastly and hunters have the opportunity to spot animals from long distances with optics from 🙂 Essential tools for any hunting trip in Wyoming must…

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Wildlife Viewing Yellowstone National Park

The Yellowstone National Park is one of the oldest national parks in the United States. It has a rich history for attracting people all over the world to enjoy wildlife and the outdoors. Hunters and park-goers who are attracted to adventure may also want to visit the park to watch unique animals in their natural…

Mesa Verde National Park Hiking

Established in 1906, the Mesa Verde National Park is one of the most vibrant outdoor attractions in the United States. The national park is located in Mesa Verde, Colorado where its name is derived. One of the major highlights of the national park is the illustrious Ancestral Puebloan cliff dwellings, also known as the Cliff…

Hiking the Colorado Trail

The state of Colorado offers a wide variety of various outdoor attractions for people wanting to experience nature and wildlife. One of these picturesque attractions is the Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail is one of the most visited outdoor locations in the United States. Extending approximately 486 miles (782 km), the trail encompasses the mouth…

Birding Optics

Birding Optics Birdwatching optics – such as binoculars and scopes – come with many different options, and the success of your next bird watching tour depends on choosing the right one. Below we will explain how to choose the best bird watching optics, bird watching binoculars and scopes for your next bird watching adventure. How…

Camping and Backpacking in Durango

Camping or Backpacking in Durango, Colorado? Here are some useful tips and general information about Durango, Colorado Durango can cater to every adventure lover's need. With the proper camping gear rentals, you can go backpacking and experience the raw beauty and thrilling adventures that Durango offers.         Durango offers something for everyone.…

Backpack Rentals – The Ultimate Hunting Pack Set Up – Eberlestock

BACKPACK RENTALS Looking for the ultimate hunting pack set up? We've got you covered this fall. Check out our Eberlestock pack rentals. You can't go wrong with the Transformer, the Batwing Pouches and the Mainframe! Backpacking in Durango, Colorado at its fullest. Our Ultimate  Eberlestock Combo Package is the best (in our opinion) hunting pack combination for…

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Camping Gear Rental

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